Wish Bag By Rossy

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 Here's a clever new variation on the venerable old "Flat Change Bag". The method is similar to some magic wallets out there, but I've never seen another change bag made like this one!  It's clever and works like a charm!

        A flat red bag measuring approximately 8" wide by 8-1/2" high is freely shown. It may be turned inside out to prove that it's empty.  Several small silk hankies of different colors are now placed into the empty bag. The bag is rolled up into a tube then allowed to unroll. Upon reaching back into the bag, the magician now produces a single, large silk that incorporates all of the colors of the smaller silks he placed into the bag previously.  The small silks are gone and the large silk may be used in any subsequent routine. Of course, this is just an example. 

        You could do a Flag Blendo (put in a Red silk, a White silk, and a Blue silk, then they transform into a U.S. flag)! You could transform several small silks into a single, long silk streamer! Getting away from silks, you could transform a small stack of plain white papers into a stack of bills.  Virtually anything that fits into the bag may be magically transformed into something else. You don't have to roll it up to affect the change....you could simply double it over and flick it with a finger, etc.  It's incredibly versatile and oh, so easy to handle!

        This is a wonderful utility item and appears just as innocent as it could possibly be.

     Comes with the special bag (red only) and photo-illustrated instructions.  You must supply your own silks or whatever you're going to transform.