THE END message Silk 18″

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This is an 18″ fine picture silk.
 The picture conveys the message with no words, allowing this to be used for any audience anywhere in the world, regardless of the language they speak or read ! 
The picture could depict the beginning or the end of a magic show, and can be used as a WELCOME, or THE END, or GOOD NIGHT, or GOOD-BYE, or APPLAUSE PLEASE silk !
Suggested uses – 
You could use this Multicolor Silk as a production silk from any production prop or box for any Magic show. It could be your opening or closing effect !
The production could be a bare hand one, or from any production prop. You can produce this from any standard production item like the Mirror Box, Drawer Box, Square & Circle Production Outfit, Jap Box, Wonder Box, Temple Screen, Ghost Tube, Production Mat, Production Cone, Organ Pipes, Pro-Van Cabinet, and many similar props.
You will find many methods for the bare hand production of a silk in standard magic text books. One very effective method is to have the rolled silk in the crook of your elbow. Show the hand empty, then grab at a spot two feet in front. The balled silk flies out, and you grab a corner. It appears the silk appeared from thin air. Requires practice, and the effect is well worth the effort.