Telepathic Takeaway

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A “mental effect” with a comedy twist, using colorful props that do not look like “magician’s toys”, that will appeal to any audience.
Effect & Presentation : “And now, ladies and gentlemen” says the performer, “we take a short commercial break for a preview of the Telepathic Take-away, the fastest, most popular food joint on the planet.
It serves every lip smacking quick snack or soda you would like, – Black Forest or Burgher, Pizzas or Pasta, Pastry or Patties, Lemonade or Lasagna, almost every fast food you could desire.
Its popularity is not just because of its sumptuous Menu, but because it adds a whole new meaning to the FAST in fast food. It is theonly joint in the world that has a magician at the counter, who reads your mind even before you can make it up, and has your order packed and ready to go before you have placed it. Sounds incredible, but seeing is believing, so let me show you.”
The performer now introduces a packed “take-away” box, and a MENU booklet. He hands over the box to a spectator, requesting him to hold it safely, till he is asked to open it.
He now flips through the Menu booklet, displaying the various items available, and calling them out – Chicken Patties, Hot Dog, Burgher, Coke …… through the dozen plus items on offer.
“If I ask you to pick an item from the Menu, the most popular choice is a Burgher or Hot Dog, and you would say it was just a lucky guess if that box had one of those. So we will make the selection a random one.”
The performer now flips through the menu again, so the blank back of each menu item shows, asking the spectator to call STOP when ever he chooses. Alternately, he can ask the spectator to place his finger or a table knife into the Menu booklet as he flips through it.
The booklet is opened, and the selected item displayed. It says MILK ! The selection draws a laugh.
The spectator holding the take-away box is asked to open it, and discovers in it a bottle of milk. When the cover of the milk bottle is removed, it is found to be a baby’s feeding bottle with a nipple, drawing a further laugh.
“Now you can believe. Who would have guessed this was for the baby back home, except a magician ! “
The effect is extremely simple and straightforward – and appeals to every age of audience. We first published this in the April 1973 issue our SWAMI magazine as Dinner at the Coven by Eruch B. Surti. Perhaps the routine predates this, as Mr. Surti lays no claim to it. This is a much more colorful version with a more updated” Menu booklet, that will connect to your audiences today !
You get the attractive “Takeaway box” and the Menu book in gorgeous multicolor, and the (relatively) unbreakable baby Milk bottle with full instructions. All you need is the Milk, and the presentation to put this across, as a sure winner in your act.