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After the great success of Steel, Rasmus has now finally released a stage version of this strong effect.

These Nails are for experienced Magicians and Mentalists. If you have weak hands, please buy the "STEEL" Pack with 3 different sized smaller nails first.

The nails are highly visible. with a length of 120mm and a thickness of 4.2mm.

If you already own STEEL by Rasmus, you can use these nails straight away for your routines. If not, it is suggested to buy the "STEEL" set first, including 3 different sized nails and a professional tutorial.

STEEL has been performed by many very well known magicians and mentalists around the World with great Success like: Dynamo, Luke Jermay, Morgan Strebler, Lior Manor, Menny Lindenfeld, Kieron Johnson, Alex Ray and many others.

This is the perfect tool to prove your super powers after bending spoons and forks, since bending a thick 120mm nail is normally absolutely impossible and after you or your spectator have bent the nail, there is no chance that anyone could make it straight anymore.

You can bend the nails in real time or in the offbeat. A switch is not really necessary but optional to your desires or needs (2 special not bendable nails included).

The package you receive includes:

  • 25 pieces of 120mm special nails for parlor and stage
  • 2 pieces of not bendable nails.
  • Tutorial 

Please buy the "STEEL" pack first, if you want 3 different sizes of smaller nails and it also includes a strong carrying box.