Skymember Presents Monarch (Morgan) un-gimmicked Coin Only by Avi Yap

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5 years ago, we asked Avi one question.

"Why aren't a lot of people using Morgan coins, and why don't people use replicas."

"Cause Morgan Dollars are expensive and honestly, nothing comes close to the feel and weight of a real Morgan Dollar. Of Course, the quality of replicas back then was very bad so that's definitely not even a consideration." Avi responded.

Since then, we have set a mission. We want to produce the best quality yet most affordable replica Morgan coin ever. After years of trials and errors, together with Alchemist Coins Co, we finally made it happen.

Specifically made for Avi's Art of Coin series, our Morgan coin made its debut in Avi's Monarch. Since then, many have reached out to us for the possibility to purchase extra coins for their everyday coin magic.

The day is finally here. You can now purchase a single Monarch Morgan Coin.

Regardless of whether you want to experience the quality of the coin before jumping into Monarch or simply would just want to purchase extra coins, we got you covered.

Monarch Morgan is arguably one of the best replica Morgans in the market up to date.

Made with Cupronickel, the coin is made so that the details and the sound produced are extremely similar to a genuine Morgan Dollar!

To make things even better, we made them as soft coins, meaning that there will be little to no talk when performing! AND it has the perfect weight for your everyday coin magic.

They are specifically made for Avi's everyday use and were made under the strictest requirements. We are confident that you will be happy with these coins.

Get Monarch Morgan and step up your magic experience.

Monarch Morgan, the next generation replica coin that you will use and love.

The patina on each Morgan Dollar may vary as they are hand applied. Gimmick and instructions are not included with the purchase. Permission from Skymember Presents is required for any magic commercial publishing works that use/involves the Monarch Morgan coins.