Silks to Ball Transformation Tube

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This is a very unique transformation effect, where three different colored silks placed in a clear tube and momentarily covered with an opaque tube are transformed into 3 balls of matching colors.

You could use other items besides the balls supplied for the transformation – anything that will fit in the tube. Sponge Balls for a follow-up routine, or solid wooden balls, or a large 6-foot Blendo silk. Transform the silks to Candy for the kids. Substitute 3 white silks for the colored ones, and transform to real eggs or white mice.

The clear tube, a black base,  three synthetic silks, three colored balls that just fit inside the smaller tube, a solid plastic tube that fits over the clear tube, and the necessary extras that make the effect possible are all supplied. All the props are as shown in the photos above. The clear tube measures approx. 10″ tall and 2.5″” in diameter. The opaque tube is 1/4″ larger, to just fit over this tube.