Restored Greetings Banners #3

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Effect :- The Magician displays several torn pieces of paper with parts of a color picture on them. He counts and displays the pieces one at a time, then squares the packet of torn pieces, and tosses it out. The torn pieces visibly transform into a complete large multicolor Greeting Banner, some 22″ wide, and 16.5″ high . 

We supply you three different banners, which say “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”, “CONGRATULATIONS” and “SEASON’S GREETINGS”, which will cover almost every conceivable type of greeting for festive occasions, Birthdays, Anniversaries and Weddings, Graduations etc.

There is nothing to destroy or replace, and you can use these same banners and paper pieces over and over again.

For a logical presentation of the effect, the item is placed in an envelope addressed to the Birthday child or anniversary couple or whatever. 

You cut the envelope on one side with a pair of scissors to open it, and try to pull out the contents, but find they are stuck inside the envelope. (Simply pantomime trying to pull them out of the envelope, as you hold this gripped in the middle by the outside). So you cut another side, but the contents are still stuck, and then another, and finally the last. 
When you finally do remove the contents, you find you have accidentally also cut through the contents. You display all the small cut pieces, then proceed to restore them as above.