Pop Parade

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Ian Adair created this brilliant effect for the comedy or patter magician and the Children’s entertainer. Originally marketed by the Supreme Magic Company, and now produced by us by exclusive arrangement with Ian Adair.
You’ll flip over the application of familiar trick principles to bring about a tremendous series of surprises, one after the other, bang! bang! bang! A light-weight trick with loads of fun and audience participation you’ll enjoy and with big – 8 x 10 inch – gaily coloured silk-screened cards.
In performance you display three cards, faces and backs to the audience. Cards have a bright red back design. Faces show three differently coloured drinks in elegant glasses. In your adult shows they are liqueurs or cocktails; in your kids show they represent glasses of pop – there’s a Black currant Pop (or call it Cola if you wish), a Raspberry pop, and a lemon one. Three different drinks.
Two of the cards are reversed as you get the kids to imagine they are drinking the lovely luscious pop! On the count of three they all have to suck! You accuse someone of BLOWING instead of sucking and pretend to get some lemonade in your eye I
When the first card is turned around it is seen that the lemonade has vanished from the glass which is now EMPTY!
“Let’s try with the Raspberry”, says the Magician. The  kids suck …. but the drink is still there. A surprise comes when it is seen that the drink really HAS gone for what is seen is really the back  of the other card showing through a cut-out !!!!!!
Only one card remains. This time the kids suck and then blow the pop back again…. they are not impressed and demand to see that the drink really HAS gone …  there’s no POP on the other side … instead … a picture of YOUR POP – a funny looking guy with a red tie and nose to match wearing a tall top hat!
Wonderful magic! ONE simple move (which you already know) performed ONCE, in conjunction with the special cards works the entire effect! You’ll vote this TOPS in entertainment, magic and value, and Ian Adair Magic’s TOP originator for giving the fraternity such a wonderful effect.
We supply the four specially produced cards (large 8″ x 10″ in size), with Ian’s detailed instructions, at a very affordable low price.