PCTC Productions Presents Minimize (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Chiam Yu Sheng

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If you are looking for a powerful and visual effect, MINIMIZE is made for you.

Imagine a signed playing card with a torn corner that vanishes with no special move.

Then you introduce a few corners with different colors/sizes from previous performances and take one with the wrong color/size.

Just shake the corner and it visually changes into the matching signed card corner!

You can now give the card and the corner for examination.
  • MINIMIZE has been designed to be easy to perform. All the moves are justified in this routine.
  • You will receive everything you need to perform the effect : the gimmick, different colored torn corners, locking system.
  • Created by Chiam Yu Sheng from Singapore.
  • The video instructions are supplied through a practical download link. They are in English, but easily understandable by anybody thanks to the clear video.