Mouth Coils - White (#12)

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These Mouth Coils allow you to make a long white
ribbon of paper from your mouth, hand, or production prop.
It's a production that is entertaining and mystifying,
very easy to do and very fun to watch.
The produced ribbon is a visually effective grabber of applause that can
stretch across a stage, or right into the middle of your audience.
A popular presentation is to produce the ribbon in a large heap, which is then
collected and used as a cover to make a dove or some other body load items appear.
We supply you a 10pcs of the specially prepared Coils, and each Coil can be used once, to produce one 27 feet long paper ribbon. 
You can pretend to eat a tissue napkin from a box of sweets,
tear off pieces and "chew" them, and then produce the long ribbon for the finale\.
For some other appropriate trick you might produce
the ribbon from your mouth as a climax.
For example, if you're producing Eggs from the mouth, or Balls from the mouth, you could load the
ribbon coil into your mouth at the end of the trick as you're producing the last Egg or Ball.
Finally you produce
the ribbon for the climax .

From some other place, you
could produce the ribbon too.
You could hold the Coil in the Silk or behind a Card and make the ribbon appear out of it.
Or borrow a currency note or bill, coil it around the ribbon
coil, then end up making the ribbon come out of the bill-formed tube.
12 White 27 Feet Mouth Coils .