Loaded Dice (Set Of 8)

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We are pleased to offer you a very useful magic accessory - a set of 6 loaded dice (to throw the numbers 1 to 6), plus two matching ordinary dice which you will find many uses for in any type of routine where you require a force. 

These dice appear just like normal dice (about 5/8th inch cube). Yet they are specially designed, and loaded, so that they will throw the required number or total with a varying degree of certainty, depending on the way they are handled. 

As the Dice are handled by the audience, the loading can not be obvious, and is therefore not 100% fool proof, as for any loaded dice. In normal use these dice will throw the desired number more than 50% of the time, - which gives you an edge or limited multi-out force for some routines. 

Whether you need a simple force of 1 to 6, for a Hot Rod type effect or a packet card trick, or a two or 3 digit force, for a mathematical stunt, a book test, a prediction, or a force for an effect like Mental Epic, you will find use for this set.  

We spent several months developing these, and even more time experimenting to get you the best use for them, and we are pleased to be able to offer you the set at a very attractive price.  

Each set has 6 loaded dice to force the numbers 1 through 6, plus two ordinary matching dice.