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The Legacy remote control works with the legacy system and has 4 DIFFERENT MODES:

the performer can input numbers and even add blank spaces between them (perfect for a lottery routine).

HOURS MODE: The remote adds two points between the numbers you input. So if the performer inputs 1025 the writing will appear as 10:25

CARDS MODE: You can input any card, and it will have the suit drawn.

DATES MODE: the remote automatically adds slashes to the numbers you input, in the format xx/xx/xxxx.

So the slashes will be AUTOMATICALLY added between the numbers you input in a row. So if the performer inputs for example 10072022 (July 10th 2022), the writing will appear as 10/7/2022(This was an idea of David Penn and was added recently and that is why it is not mentioned in the original trailer).

TEXT MODE: You can write any word with the remote, including adding spaces!

You can feel the remote buttons from the pocket, so you can adjust the power of the vibration of the remote in the app.

With the remote the performer can predict up to 4 lines with it.

The remote will always vibrate back when a prediction is written, so the performer knows he can reveal it.

The remote works independently with the system, so you do not need to use your mobile phone.