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Hi, welcome to the world of GANJIFO,

It is a new type of marked deck that Redefines mark playing card deck industry.

This is the new, improved, and most advanced mark deck available till now,

You can easily perform multiple routines like

  • Mentalism
  • Magic trick
  • Mind Reading
  • Memory tests  

One deck with multiple routines

Effect: Show the playing card deck to the audience, it has all cards mixed randomly, now ask them to cut & lift any number of cards randomly.

You instantly know what card is on the top of the remaining stack,

Not only this you also know 2nd next card than the top one

Finally, you can tell exactly how many cards are there in their hands

The Most Important Feature is This deck is in Mnemonica order and you can perform the entire spectrum of Mnumonica effects effortlessly if you have this deck

This is amazing, and very easy to do.

Perform the impossible with GANJIFO.

This playing card deck is bridge size cards & printed in India,

A Quality product From M3.