Galactic Paradise Playing Cards

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Sand, Surf, and Space!

There are whispers, gargles, clicks, ultraviolet screams, and telepathic emanations all telling of a special place in the universe - a place where beings of all form and function can congregate. Where entities can lay aside their grievances, their cares, and their insatiable hungers (even you, Galactaboi!) and just... chill.

An every being's paradise among the stars! A soothing respite from the harshness of space. And, for those who wish - oh yes - a place to test your skill, luck, and quantum grift. A place to risk the fate of your species! A place to risk nothing at all. A place to shuffle a deck thrice and know that you, in this vast universe, have achieved uniqueness.

So chart a course! Prepare for the ultimate in comfort, and play the hand/tentacle/dark-matter-astral-projection that you're dealt.
  • Crushed premium stock, linen finish
  • Traditional cut
  • Identical Jokers
  • Casino cut card
  • Double-backer gaff card
  • Printed by the United States Playing Card Company