Domino Prediction

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Domino Prediction knocks the spots of other mentalism routines. Comedy magic routine with a kicker of an ending.

The spectator is asked to create their own domino using a blank domino and magnetic spots. Will they design a domino with six spots on one side and a single spot on the other, or four spots and three spots, perhaps two and five? Once they've finished their design, you reveal your gag prediction; a mirror that reflects their domino pattern. A grin or perhaps a groan. Then you reveal the REAL prediction. A printed domino EXACTLY matches the pattern on the domino!

A fun, hands-on pocket mentalism routine you can perform anywhere. Spectators love creating their very own domino and are astonished when your prediction exactly matches their design. 

Very easy to do. Instantly repeat with a different design.

Slip Domino Prediction into your pocket, and you're always ready for an impromptu moment of entertaining magic.

Comes complete with a magnetic domino (9x5.5 cm), magnetic spots, envelope, mirror, prediction, and video instructions.