DL Note (Mobile APP)

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DL note is a killing mentalism tool and can put it in your pocket. It camouflages as a drawing app, but it includes powerful applications such as forcing, peeking, or dual reality effects. DL note even equips with tailor-made invisible switches and multiple modules for you to handle with any situations. Different from products on the market, the functions in DL note are all stand-alone, and the modes in this app can be switched in a blink, allowing performer can rest assured and perform with confident. Best of all, performers can use their own materials, such as pictures, figures, or words to perform the effects! Creating your own unique effects! Features: 1. Equip with locking system and allow you to give out the phone to spectators for examination. 2. Instant and simple reset! 3. Create your OWN routines! 4. Perform in anytime! 5. Switch Peeking feature on and off under spectators’ nose! 6. Fail-safe and Trace-back Feature 7. Available in Android and IOS 8. Can be performed in mobile phone or tablet. All depend on you! 9. Perfect combination on forcing, peeking, dual reality and hypnosis!