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Unleash the power of time and blow minds!

Perform amazing tricks on any borrowed phone, or on your phone, using the stopwatch, on any Android or iPhone.

On the spectator's phone, simply using an NFC tag (NOT INCLUDED) that you can palm, or also, by entering a small URL in front of the noses of your spectators!.

With the auto-camouflage system, the stopwatch will adapt to each phone on iPhone.

You will have an identical iPhone stopwatch, and... on Android, you will have a dark or a white stopwatch.

You can also use SYNCRO in parlor or stage, using an iPad or a Tablet, the stopwatch adapts perfectly to any size.

You will be able to set-up SYNCRO very easily using the app on your phone, and then access the stopwatch very quicly.

On any phone using the short URL or the nfc, that is included with the physical lisence.

You'll learn it in a matter of minutes, and you'll be amazed at how easy to use and powerful SYNCRO is!

Welcome to SYNCRO by Magic Pro Ideas.