Color Changing Waistcoat

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The performer is attired in a white waistcoat. He waves a parasol in front of him, and the waistcoat has changed to green. This is repeated, and the waistcoat is now yellow and then red. Then back to any of these colors, and so on, as often as you wish.

The Color changing waistcoat is a mechanical item that you can use with a little handling practice, and without any elaborate set-up or preparation. Just zip on the waistcoat and it is ready to go.

Although a parasol is a neat cover, you can use any cover for a few seconds. An assistant can hold up a large silk in front of you, or you could hold up a large silk banner (stiffened on top with a wire) – anything that gives you a few seconds of cover. It takes less than 5 seconds for a change, and you can change the colors to and fro as often as you like.