Chameleon Confetti

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What a Colorful Magic Trick

It is a new way to perform the old classic snowstorm effect,

You must have seen the SAND OF SAHARA trick, this is a similar effect  trick but in a new form,

In Effect – Magician starts with an empty fish bowl, now he calls any spectator on stage

And show 4 different colored confetti separately, The magician asks the spectator to mix all colors in an empty fish bowl and make sure they are mixed.  Now magician also gives a little shake to the confetti and shows it's all mixed.

Now he asks to spectator to get a bunch of red confetti from the bowl which looks impossible as it is all mixed.

But when the magician shows his hand clean puts it inside the bowl and grabs some confetti surprisingly red-colored only, he now takes a fan and performs snow storm effect, similarly each time he shows his hand empty, and takes single-colored confetti out.

This looks very spectacular & colorful on stage.

this trick is very easy to perform 

What you get

We supply you with a plastic fish bowl and colorful confetti packets enough for 5 performances, later you can buy more refill packs for confetti only.

Use your own fan.

Comes with teaching video instructions.