Card In Bag

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The spectators signed card penetrates through a bag!

A spectator signs a card and the magician places it into the middle of the deck.
The magician introduces a bag with net in front and has the spectator examine it.
After examining the mesh bag the spectator can close the zipper, making it impossible to put something in it.
Then the magician dribbles the deck on the face of the bag.
Only the spectators signed card appears in the bag!
The magician takes the signed card out of the bag and hands it to the spectator along with the bag.

A very visual penetration effect
The bag and cards can be examined before and after the effect
Any card can be chosen, a totally free choice
Easy to perform!
A perfect closer for any signed card effect such as Ambitious Card routine or Triumph, etc.

Comes with bag, gimmick and instructions video.