Antigravity Deluxe Bottle ( Wood )

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Change The Rule of Gravity ... 

This is well crafted wooden bottle for the Antigravity effect. 

The old cheap plastic antigravity bottle effect doesn't look good in front of an audience it's good for kids, but not for all. 

Our bottle is a beautiful, professional prop you will be proud to display and perform. The bottle Design and finishing offer additional features previously unavailable. and it’s made of wood so no worry. you can carry it easily in a bag or with other stuff. 

The Rope provided made especially a little stiff. and pretty long in quantity so you can cut it as per your wish. 

In effect, the magician shows a bottle and a small piece of rope. now he inert one end of rope inside the bottle and remove it normally to show there is nothing inside the bottle. now again he inserts one end inside the bottle says his magic spell and makes the bottle upside down amazingly the rope hangs, it is not falling down.

Now magician holds the rope and leaves the bottle in mid-air, it still hanging on the rope now without doing any further moves you can cleanly put the bottle on the table and pull the rope away from the bottle to show there is nothing attached to it both rope and bottle are separate. 

No discrete moves needed 

Looks impossible 

Bottle size  – height 8-inch x width 3 inch