Hot Magic Production Garland 3″ – Small

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This is a production garland of tinsel balls with an added touch of magic. We have designed it in a manner that will enable you to use it in two ways as detailed below.
The apparatus comprises of six tinsel balls fixed to a ribbon. The balls are constructed in a very special manner to change color, and enable you to perform an additional magic effect after they have been produced. The entire garland is loaded in a production prop, like a Square Circle Production outfit, Mirror Box, Temple Screen etc. It is loaded “folded” as originally supplied.
You first produce the garland, and it makes an attractive display. You then perform your “bit of magic” with this. The garland has two rings at the two ends of the ribbon. If you lift the garland by one of the rings, all the tinsel balls are of the same color. If you lift it by the opposite ring, you get the six balls in six different colors.
Color Changing Garland – This is a very simple color transformation effect with good visual appeal. You initially produce the garland with all the tinsel balls showing of the same color. Lift up the other ring at the bottom with the other hand, and simply drop the ring initially on top, and the balls change to six different colors. A touch of added magic, which would be specially effective if you produce two or more garlands, initially in two or three different colors, then transformed them all to multicolor tinsel balls before hanging them up on display.
Hot Garland – This is a slightly more elaborate routine, inspired by the popular Hot Rod effect. In this routine, you start by producing a garland with six multicolor tinsel balls. The spectator apparently freely selects one of the six colors, and all the six multicolor balls transform to the selected color.

For the 3″ garland you require a space a little over 3″ diameter.