PEASHOOTER by Erlich Zhang & Bacon Magic

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This is a truly revolutionary coin tool, created by the genius magician Erlich Zhang.

With PEASHOOTER, you can secretly place multiple coins directly into your palm, you can even do that in short sleeves!

PEASHOOTER can be filled with 5 one or half dollar. It can also be applied to coins between the OD/HD sizes.

One coin routine, color change, 3 fly, The Miser's Dream... These coin routines will now be much easier and more powerful.

After 3 years of development, PEASHOOTER has been revised at a total of 21 versions. We guarantee you now it has finally reached its perfect state.

The structure of the PEASHOOTER is very complicated, composed of many essential parts rigorously and precisely combined. The props are made of high-grade materials, strong and durable. The whole design is ergonomic, you can wear it all day.

In the full online instruction, Erlich will show you how to use this wonderful weapon.The 2022 version has more stable performance

1. Perfectly match Half Dollar and Morgan (no manual adjustment required)
2. It can be used for 1-2 Penny coins
3. Made of nylon material, falling will damage