Hydrostatic Bottle

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This is Complete New and Simple Effect for Street and closeup magicians.

The magician takes out coke bottle from his bag show it's filled now he takes out the cap and drinks some coke from it.

Now he just put his empty hand over the bottle mouth and turn the bottle upside down. And slowly he takes out his hand out but magically liquid is still floating, there is no cap or hand over the bottle mouth but the liquid is still floating inside.

Again magician put his hand over bottle mouth and turn it to normal and pour some drink from it in glass or directly drink it like a normal bottle.

  • No Gimmick caps Or gimmick plaming.
  • Easy to Do
  • Special Bottle Supplying
  • No setup or reset required
  • Just grab the bottle and start performing  

Comes Ready to work, with special Bottle