Hotel Prediction (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by PITATA MAGIC

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A modern tribute to a classical effect.

The Design Process

An audience member freely calls out a random number, and miraculously, it matches the numbers inscribed on a key tag that you have been carrying all along.

This classic mentalism routine originated from Al Koran's Gold Medallion and was popularized by Jonathan Neal. Over time, renowned magicians like Don Wayne, Marc Oberon, and Wang Kaifu have created and published their versions of this effect. Even David Copperfield has a version of his own.

Adhering to PITATA's product philosophy of achieving effects with modern technology, we believe that this 'Koran Medallion' effect can be made even cleaner and perfect. Thus, the PITATA Hotel Prediction is born.

Imagine showing an audience a hotel key tag, placing it face down on the table, and never touching it again throughout the performance. You ask a member of the audience to call out any two-digit number, whether it's their room number, birthday, lucky number, or just a random number. The audience member turns the key tag over themselves. The number on the key tag exactly matches the number they called out.

The key tag remains untouched since the beginning of the performance, making it almost a perfect open prediction.

The secret of the PITATA Hotel Prediction is its mini built-in E-ink display, which can change the number displayed via the remote control. The appearance and texture look almost indistinguishable from printed text. Changing the number only takes 5 seconds, and no matter what two-digit number the audience calls out, it can easily be "predicted".

It is made possible by its mini built-in E-ink display, which can be controlled via a remote control. The appearance and texture are so convincing that it is almost indistinguishable from printed text. With the ability to change the number displayed in just 5 seconds, the PITATA Hotel Prediction can "predict" any two-digit number the audience calls out.

The remote control is PITATA's classic style remote control, designed specifically for professional performances. With its unique numeric buttons, the numbers can be accurately inputted even without looking, making it perfect for use while the remote control is still in your pocket.

The PITATA Hotel Prediction is based on the design of an actual hotel room key tag and is small enough to be carried in your pocket. The unit has a built-in display, control chip, wireless charging, magnetic switch, and other components. The fully enclosed structure allows the audience to examine it immediately after the revelation.

It comes with a leather magnetic holder that turns the unit off when you place it inside and turns it back on when you remove it. This enables you to quickly and seamlessly get into your performance at a moment's notice.

Nothing could be cleaner than this.


  • Reimagines a classic mentalism effect with modern technology.
  • Perfect open prediction.
  • Remote-controlled E-ink display, which can change the displayed number in just 5 seconds.
  • Professionally designed remote control that offers precise control.
  • Wireless charging capability and a magnetic on/off switch.
  • Leather magnetic holder that automatically turns the device on/off.


  • 1x PITATA Hotel Prediction
  • 1x Remote controller
  • 1x Leather case
  • 1x Lanyard
  • 1x Wireless charger & cable

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