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Welcome to the enchanting world of our latest magic offering: ESP Packet Trick – A Mind Reading Marvel. This product isn't just a set of cards; it's a bridge to the mystical, crafted to bring you closer to your audience through awe-inspiring performances.

Portable and Versatile: Our ESP Packet Trick are more than your standard deck; they are a portable powerhouse of mind-reading prowess. Featuring the classic Bicycle Back, these cards effortlessly blend into any performance setting. And the cherry on top? We've included Double-Backed Cards to cater to every twist and turn of your routine.

No More Decision Paralysis: We've meticulously crafted two color variations – red and blue – in the iconic Bicycle design. Now, you can choose freely without a second thought, ensuring your performance is as smooth as it is spellbinding.



  • The Red ESP Packet Trick: The magic lies in the details. Each of the 12 cards in our red-backed ESP deck is ingeniously marked. These marks are masterfully concealed yet easy to spot from a distance – no squinting necessary! Forget the hassle of memorizing sequences; our system is designed for ease and impact.
  • The Blue ESP Packet Trick: This is where your creativity reigns supreme. The blue-backed ESP Packet Trickcomes unmarked, providing a blank canvas for you to implement your preferred marking system or perhaps experiment with something entirely new. The possibilities are limitless!



  • Mystical Beginnings: Imagine starting your act by having a spectator name any basic symbol – only to reveal that you knew their choice all along. The ESP Packet Trickmake this stunning opener a reality.
  • Dangerous Grounds: Engage your audience in a game of sixth sense. It's more than a game, though – the outcome is predetermined, with you as the victor. Revel in the gasps and applause that follow!



  • Simplicity Meets Versatility: Our ESP Packet Trickare a dream for performers of all calibers. Whether you're weaving spells on the street or enchanting a gala audience, these cards are your trusty sidekick. Their user-friendly nature makes them perfect for both the mystic maestros and those just starting their magical journey. With these cards, complexity fades, and pure performance prevails.
  • A Symphony of Mind Games: Imagine a palette of psychic puzzles and mind-bending maneuvers at your fingertips. That's what our ESP Packet Trick With the ability to seamlessly transition between different mental feats, your shows will never be monotonous. Each performance becomes a unique experience, a fresh tale of wonder, keeping your audience on the edge of their seats, hungry for the next magical moment.
  • Customizable Creativity: In the realm of magic, one size does not fit all. That's why our blue-backed ESP Packet Trickis a blank canvas, awaiting your personal touch. Whether you adhere to classic markings or innovate with your unique system, these cards are your playground. This feature allows you to tailor your magic to your style, making each performance distinctly yours.
  • Impactful Openers & Endings: From the very start, captivate your audience with the uncanny ability to know their thoughts. And as the finale draws near, leave them in awe with a predestined victory in a game of psychic skill. These cards are designed to not just perform tricks but to create unforgettable narratives.



  • A specially designed set of playing cards(12 ESP cards, 1 double-backed cards and 1 PVC blank card)
  • Online tutorial

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