Coin Table - Mini

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The inspiration for this very novel prop was The Table by David Roth (page 266 of his Expert Coin Magic). Although this prop looks the same, it works differently, and requires no special coins for its use. David’s table is a magnetic one, for use with a magnetic coin. This is just an ordinary wood table, attractively made and cleverly gimmicked. A casual inspection of the table will not reveal any thing special. 

Although designed to work with American Quarters (25 cent coins), this will work with most other coins of a similar size like Indian Rupee coins. 

One effect : Performer displays a miniature table, and shows it all around. He drops a coin on the table to illustrate it is solid with no trap doors ! The miniature table is placed on your working table and the coin “thumped” on top. It penetrates right through the mini table, visibly dropping under it.
You could penetrate two or even three coins together. Play around with this utility prop and you will find handling techniques and routines that add a very novel touch to close up coin magic.

The table measures 5″ high x 2.5″ wide and stands 2.5″ above your working table. It is made from wood, with inlay trimming around the edge, and polished in a natural wood finish. Complete with instructions and ideas for use.