Card Go Plus (Jumbo Size)

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The original prop titled Card Go was created by Norman over 50 decades ago. It is a cut out frame, from which a playing card can be made to vanish.

We have taken the original idea, and modified the mechanics, so that this apparatus can be used to vanish a Jumbo Card, or change one Jumbo Card for another.

We supply you the special mechanical frame, and a couple of Jumbo Cards for practice. You can use the prop with any regular Jumbo Cards.
For convenience and safety in transportation the prop is made in two parts which fold flat. It can be easily assembled in seconds to the upright frame resting on a base.
The presentation would be as per your preference.
You could start with a Jumbo Card in the frame. Cover the frame momentarily with a silk, and show card has vanished. The same card (actually a duplicate) can later be reproduced from some place else.

It is not necessary to start with the Card in the frame. You could visibly place the Jumbo Card in the frame during your performance. Or perform an exchange effect, with one card changing to another. This is very effective for putting a wrong prediction right. You could finally remove the card and give it for examination.
If your routine requires you can also vanish this exchanged card. Just pull it out of the frame, show it all around and replace in frame. Cover the frame for an instant and the card has gone.

Easy to do, ready to work, complete with instructions. Made in wood, and polished in an antique wood finish.